Nursing mother treated mercilessly

Local women of Arma Village Development Committee (VDC) of Rukum ruthlessly roughed up a nursing mother just after seven hours of giving birth to a child.

Local women of Nuwakot village thrashed Sita Biswokarma (19) of Arma VDC-1, Khaltakuri with nettle and water in an inhumane manner.

She has been residing at the home of Ram Bahadur Biswokarma (18) of Nuwakot-4 since last Asar (June-July) as per the decision of villagers gathering after physical relations between them came to public notice.

Sita was compelled to deliver a baby girl at cowshed at 5 AM on July 20 after she was neglected by family members.

‘I was beaten up ruthlessly with nettle and water for two hours from 3 pm to 5 pm in a bush nearby home. They thrashed me and a newborn and forcefully took us to maternal home’, she recounted her Paine added she never got enough food to eat though she has been residing at Ram Bahadur's home since last July.

Now Sita is knocking door of the District Administration Office by holding the newborn and has urged all to dispense justice to her.

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