Paras Shah said he is sad to see the current situation in country

The former Crown Prince Paras Shah has expressed his concern over the deteriorating condition of the country.

Shah went to worship Pancha Maha Laxmi in the temple located in Chhaling VDC of Bhaktapur district on Friday. While talking to the media people present at the location, he expressed his concern over the worsening political and financial condition of the country.

Paras said, "I am also the citizen of this country, as one of the citizens of the country I feel sad seeing the poor development of the country," he added, "I am looking at the condition of my country."

Paras complained about the lack of law and order. He also held religious talks with Swami Kamalnayanacharya Muktinath Baba for around an hour and worshipped the goddess at 12 noon.

Meanwhile, actress Manisha Koirala also arrived in the temple at around 10:30. Koirala told that she didn't know about the visit of the former prince and she was there just to worship the goddess Pancha Maha Laxmi.

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